A Little About Me Things I am working on:
  • Systems Integration @ Lunar Energy
  • Engineer @ SuperSense (OneInstant)
  • Volunteer Data Analyst @ World Research Institute (Energy Access)

Things I have worked on:
  • Founder @ Datum Agriculture
  • Systems Engineer @ Alp Technologies
  • Platoon Sergeant @ Singapore Army

Current Explorations:
  • Grid Resilience
  • Energy Access
  • 4 x 5 Photography
  • Overlap? Let's connect!
Projects I Am Proud Of
  • Building a home-battery system using recycled 18650 Batteries
  • Developing BMS Algorithm to determine SOC of Li-ion Batteries
  • Determining high-potential areas for energy infrastructure in Zambia
  • Bringing back a lost film format (Polaroid Peel Apart Film - FP100C)
  • Designed platform for and with mental-health helpers
  • Creating a "Magic Mirror" for home
  • Built an autonomous ramen maker with 4 friends
  • On a team that launched a rocket to 10,000 ft
  • Leading 113 troopers in the army
  • Finalist of MIT Ag Prize
  • Winning OpenAI Climate Hackathon (Link)
  • Collecting check from first customer

Resume - .PDF

Intern - Summer 2023, Full Time - Present

  • Developed the State-of-Charge (SOC) algorithm in conjunction with the battery team using Round Trip Efficiency (RTE) testing
  • Designed and conducted tests to achieve compliance standards, and release firmware candidates for alpha systems
  • Supported solving mesh and start-up issues for units used for maximum power point tracking (MPPT)
  • Created AWS Lambda functions to gather CAN logs from remote sites
  • Generated JIRA workflow to streamline cross-team testing

Since 2022

  • Simplifying regulations for aquaculture farmers in the North East

Summer 2023 to Summer 2024

  • Piloted the lean methodology to turn company prototype into product through two week sprints
  • Led conversations to scale manufacturing by co-designing with in-house engineers and factories
  • Coordinated with accelerators for Seed A funding to build test facility and manufacture initial prototypes

Summer 2022

  • Reported on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) outlooks of banks in South East Asia
  • Developed ESG comparison metric to rank companies in their respective fields
  • Presented research at Strategic Point conference in Singapore to represent Accenture

Spring 2021

  • Designed tests for deterministic algorithm used by on-board sensors
  • Conducted failure-analysis on edge-cases for deployment in parking lots
  • Led marketing campaign (website development, promotional video) to attract investors

Co-designing a platform with ‘Inspired Relief’ in Boston for BIPOC communities to bring together helpers and seekers

Held the role of a Project Manager in a team of five where we created personas, and attribute spectrums through interviews

Led a successful re-design and fabrication of the recovery system based on competition requirements on a team of four engineers


Coursework: Technology-Venture Capstone, Principle of Systems Engineering, User Experience Design, Mechanical Systems, Computer Architecture, Discrete Math

Not a front-end person - used this template